Serving the Banking Industry since 2007

certifications & Platforms

We are dedicated to giving each assignment the personalized attention needed to successfully recover even the most challenging skip assignments.
Our friendly staff understands your needs and responds quickly. We believe firmly in open communication and are here to assist you every step of the way.

Our repossession service is bonded and has wrongful repossession insurance. It will help you in case of a lawsuit.
We have insurance that offers protection against damage during repossession. All our  agents are familiar with the local law to avoid any accusations of illegal repossession or trespassing.

We have an excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau and other local rating agencies
In case the item to be repossessed is hidden, we have In house investigative resources to track down and recover assets.

About Slingers Transport llc.

Different clients use different system to communicate with their recovery agents across the country.

We wanted to ensure we are able to accept work from any client no many what platform they choose.           

Slingers Transport LLC. uses all three major platforms to receive orders and communicate with our lenders.

mobile dvr equipped 

Repossession Professionals

Slingers Transport LLC now has Mobile DVR surveillance systems in all of our wreckers.  This step was taken to prevent false claims from debtors, prevent theft and allow monitoring during the repossession process.  We know by adding this complete system we will gain even more trust and confidence with our clients.

Minute Man

Slingers Transport LLC... the REPO specialist of Indiana.

We have professional and experienced agents, professional field investigators and staff. Our extensive resources allow us to locate and retrieve property efficiently and cost effectively. Our objective remains keeping ahead of it all through innovative strategies, skilled repossession investigators, and a wealth of global resources and information.

WE are a full service repossession and collateral collection company. Our staff strives to provide prompt, professional service to all of our clients, while acting within legal limits.

Slingers Transport LLC. has performed thousands of seizures for major financial institutions. Our new fleet of wreckers and state-of-the-art license plate recognition camera cars are operating all over Indiana.